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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  August 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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close to and were killed. >> this is an area where kids walk and hang out. >> she attended james madison university. at the university of delaware. one of them shows their feet dangling off the bridge. they posted the pictures just before they died. >> is unfortunate that there was loss of life. >> the horrifying sound of the train. >> i remember thinking to myself, it sounds like it is derailing. >> national transportation inspectors arrived out what caused tragedy and whose work d begin the process of untangling the mess. newse looking live from choppers 7 as it looks over the scene here.
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the cruise working to write those toppled train cars and hundreds of pounds of coal that spilled. the ntsb held a briefing and that the automatic brake did go off at time of the crash. they say it will be several days before they can figure out why if that caused the crash. at 5:30, details of women killed on bridge ha. for updates on this story at a, go to >> the car crash that killed a george's county police officer, have arrested the theenger in the car that officers were pursuing when they crashed yesterday. that crash killed officer adrian morris. thece are looking for the other car. we're live with the latest tonight.
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>> this is the headquarters was assigned.cer the as you look at the front door, you concede that they are in mourning here. the police department is also looking for the suspect. the suspect remains on the loose, there has been a number on that today. >> police found the stolen acura of this one block stretch southeast of the district. police believe that he was in the car officers were chasing yesterday's. mitchell and the the officers were investigating at a gas station. she watched the activity. police continue to look for this on camera at the gas station, they believe he was
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with metal when it ran from exceeding 100eeds hous an please do not believe. the surviving officer simply control. >> he had the biggest heart out of anybody i knew. >> they may have known him better than at any one. both were involved with his training. .> it drove him every day to help everyone out here. >> he was going to be the big campus one day. >> police believe the officer if the suspect committed the crimes.
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it remains to see how much legal liability they will face when are caught because of the information. >> the wife of a man beaten near eastern market over the weeke happenedg about what to her husband. was found unresponsive over the weekend. jenniferirst time, donnelly. >> she is doing okay, but he has choice. when she met told her parents she e man that she was going to marry. she needs to know what happened to attackband and him. >> we need the prayers.
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attackede violently him. the trauma was so severe that doctors had to eventually removed part of his goal. the family says this morning, old made by contact with his wife. a tryout. >> that was the best moment of life, really. i have been through so many of areons to get where we today. i could never imagine it 48 hours ago. >> he was last seen saturday to police.ording he was found in front of the house. he was a victim of an assault but they can't say if it was robbery. the family still leaves his witnesses to come forward. the meanwhile, abigail holds a
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hotel while he his father to come home. >> i have no doubt the weber his grain is then, is hot jack and i know he is feeling is of us.ible for both my greatest wish for him is that can let go. >> one of the things keeping her that she is fact getting hundreds of messages strangers. e messages after hours over night when everyone is quiet. if you have any information in case, called d.c. police. t night turned out to be a long one for some washington national's fans. the thirteenth inning game the braves didn't end about 12:30 this morning, a half hour after metro service
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stocks. the nationals do not have an agreement with metro tuesday if beyond the normal time.g you'll hear from fans coming out at 6:00. >> de you know who was sitting the car listening to the game? i waited and could not get out of the car. >> at least you weren't waiting on metro. >> it was a nice night last night, just like it is today. a beautiful they are around the area. >> what is ahead tonight. >> is quiet and beautiful out now, south of the d.c. metro area. take a look at our temperatures outside this hour. a little bit cooler, head over to montgomery. shower,about the stray
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to look for a good f sunshine for the next. our temperatures slowly fall the '80s and the '70s. will see the potential for a of patchy fog to early tomorrow morning. l stormest on tropica isaac. will give you the court and heading and it is the wind. >> we'll check back with you in a bit. the va national guardsman has been arrested on terrorism yesterday after he was running year to schools in virginia. old has just from deployment in
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iraq. he is running in his field here to stay in shape. >> of the talking bottom azeri future after making about rapeal remarks and abortion. if he drops out of the senate race, he now has just about 50 this and theto do on tonight. the senior reporter has the latest on this countdown. >> republicans across the country and the governor romney shouldin saying that he drop out. they need to pick up the least back thets to win senate. as you mentioned, with less than go, he says he is staying in. >> the day began with a youtube apology. >> domestic i made was in the not in the heart of old. i asked for your forgiveness.
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female and all of the together, he needs to go. >> he should stay hidden. said what he believes. >> is too big a blunder. >> he admitted blunder was this. >> if it is legitimate ray, the has ways to shut the whole thing down. >> despite a top republicans the owners going to elsewhere, heey stressed that others are getting on board. >> we believe that by taking stand, this is going to country andur ultimately the republican party. elatedcrats seem to be his the fiats and it is being reported that strategists
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g to tie him plannin candidate. knowing that what happens in well affecty very this one. >> one reason that the six-term house republican feels confident numbers that new just come out. 75% said they don't support his statement, a majority still should be inhe office. who, wean has attacked you there -- we will show you where. >> jimmy campbell makes a big that will affect his popular late-night talk show. >> and afghanistan. >> [unintelligible]
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>> his family reflects. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recntipiens were required to work.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reducedd welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in amica called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> a family and military brothers are mourning the loss local navy seal.
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the >> one of the offers that was from maryland. >> a special warfare operator, one of seven kills. he was a competitive athlete, a a son., a navy was born to be seal. >> the dream to be among the navy's elite. the special warfare operator was decorated and highly skilled. today, and at water maryland, e family grieves the loss of this dedicated man. >> he felt that what he was doing. he had been trained to do it.
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was doing good work. navy seal since 2008. >> is rare, that people had a fine. everything in his life, he approached with a passion. >> patrick was expected to return from afghanistan this fall. family and friends are out determine how best to fallen warrior. >> patriot is kind of a trite he did it for the love his country, family, and teammates. >> he was the eighth service
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from maryland to die this be buried at national cemetery. >> firefighters might be gaining .round the shifting wind helps improve protect three small northern california towns. the blaze as destroyed seven homes and burned 50,000 acres only 35% contained. they dealt with the wind or some rain to come out here. >> let me tell you, they have rough out there. indurain still about 8 inches below year to date where we normally are in d.c.. that is quite a bit. we have the heavier rain this weekend. about an inch and a half and two hours. nothing like that today, even at the beaches.
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finally, people out there dayying the late summer of clout in as to worry about. the showers to worry about, but have few south of the d.c. area. reagan national airport, two. levels in the mid-50s and that why it feels so comfortable outside. our temperatures on the weather but the network, 79 with a high of 83. when out of the southeast, northwest d.c., now 82 degrees. ofking at 83 after a high 88. temperatures across the board, very comfortable. andegrees in hagerstown temperaturester off to the west. 80s will slowly migrate
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the east as we move through the next couple of days. satellite and radar, it was dry the immediate metro area. not going to amount to a whole lot, south of fredericksburg. he is generally moving off the east about 15 miles hour and will not make it very far. moveuch great news as we into the tropics. this is tropical storm isaac now with the wind just about 40 miles an hour. expect it to make an easterly move toward the north. by sunday, we could be looking the system just off the coast florida, a long ways to go. a lot of the day coming up over
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next week or so. a good deal of cloudiness and a little bit of patchy fog early tomorrow morning. temperatures will make it into mid 80's. another warm day with ties back or 87 degrees. temperatures fallen to the 50s, chancew looking for a a pot of showers or thunderstorms. a quick look at the extended of luck. notice what is missing after tomorrow. chances for rain. hardly anything at all for the days.even more than likely won't see anything. after the rain deficit, we really need it. still to come, n.y. that is all
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new in prime time. doctor of laws performs heart surgery while a trauma surgeon with becoming too attached to his patients. see how it plays out and the hospital drama. abc is jumping into the late- kimmel head tomy head with jay leno and letterman. kimmel live will air weeknights at 11:35 after abc seven news at eleven o'clock. -- at 11:00. twitter, he said the support has received and makes him feel like a real-life princess. [laughter] say goodbye to the on the tables. the dodger drivers without
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play, to get it over though they are visiting or working. while officials say it is completely legal. while officials say it is [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] you work hard. stretch every penny. but chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him... mitt romney made twenty million dollars in two thousand ten
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>> a woman is sexually assaulted busy fairfax county road.
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theive at the scene of assault, what police are doing find the suspect. dodge police are pounding the this one, officers going froming business of looking clues and video surveillance state because the attacker is still out there. >> 11:00 sunday night, police n was 19-year-old woma alone in the 7600 block of lee highway when suddenly a knife forced her into bushes and sexually assaulted her. troubling news for women that area andwork in the take the bus. >> it is a very calm atmosphere here. everybody tells us, don't worry about here. >> businesses lie in the site of arestreet where there sidewalks here and it is dimly lit.
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>> there is an abandoned gas station. it could be a little dangerous. >> they need more police presence, video cameras, and i anything about of around.people standing >> the incident can prevent from living their normal have to be brave and confident. >> a nearby homeowners putting members alert via e-mail. >> have a walking partner, especially at night. and all be aware of your surroundings at all times. >> please send out an alert with same message. and they need the public's health. description they have is not descriptive or very suspect.about the short with black hair, they're
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for anybody with n to call fairfax county police. >> is the latter, city council members reacted to our on d.c. youth. and what is being done already fix this failing program. >> spent days in the water from cuba to key west. >> and more on the train derailment. how do women are killed,
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captioned by the national captioning institute of the on the top story train derailment. >> college students were sitting on a bridge when the derailed, killing them both. they talked to their high school
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principal and gaea's live with reaction to today's tragedy. >> we tried to talk to the members, but they were to heartbroken to talk on camera. to the high-school principal but shared his growing about the women up and their friendship. >> they were close friends from touchchool that kept in .nd and out during the summer when we did this out just they were killed. along with this picture that both women's feet dangling from the railroad bridge. >> they were wonderful students. engrave girls involved in the school. involved in the dance program, great families that were involved. >> he principle remember them fondly before they graduated. one went to james madison university and the other went to
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the university of delaware. >> said they were highly active involved and friendly, and good attitudes. girls and it is just a shame. >> there were buried under kohl. the women were sitting on a ledge with their backs to the of the train when 21 cars toppled over. >> i think it is horrible but go on thoseriends tracks. young andnd i am but i don't think it is a the idea. am very sorry that happened. >> a live scene where the going it will take time to get the cars from the tracks. ntsb officials just at a press e last hourin th saying that they still need figure out the exact of the train derailment.
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it is unclear if the presence of women near the train caused this derailment or not. top story is now. >> the stolen car that to chasing when their cruiser crashed. the 23-year-old officer was killed. police are still looking for the driver, but they said they arrested a man that was in the with him. >> a family is morning a navy seal killed in afghanistan. petty officer first class was one ofthe water died in athat helicopter crash last week. he was scheduled to return home this fall. to endin facing pressure his senate campaign. he says he will not leave the race. he has until 6:00 p.m. to
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without needing court approval. >> after battling thunderstorms jellyfish, discover was forced to become the first person to swim across the florida straits. , herarks and jellyfish attempt at a record 103 to theim from cuba florida keys. the insurance summer was pulled tuesday, one day shy of her sixty third birthday. >> she is severely sunburned, a couple hits from the jellyfish. she has a strained biceps muscle and she can barely walk. >> her lips and tongue were because of then salt water. her face was smeared with black paste to fight off hypothermia. she suffered the same issues
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have kept her from making the same journey last year. this time, she faced even more waters.ous sharks circling part of the day, s before that, the side -- sky exploded over her. that's will adopt some much rain, her straight line to at one. living like a shoelace. >> back at home, a special day of new and expecting military mothers. the virginia first lady and front posted a shower for 100 new and expecting military spouses. the event featured a luncheon and a meeting. she happened to be the author of parenting book, what expect when you're expecting. >> i think it is an amazing
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thing, what they are doing for everybody in this situation. >> the bonds atom bombs to be, the new a sneak peek at movie. the stars cameron diaz and lopez.r traffic as at the details. >> we see some delays here. they will run the length of the the eleventhd street bridge. d also nearun washington boulevard. before springfield buchan we have a crash in blocking the the roadway. also, continuing on the inner heading in thea, maryland. delays heading
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new hampshire ave. they began as you work your way the boulevard heading up toward 80. >> i am visiting a city and in the city. >> why thousands of people say writers are targeting unfairly and why city leaders say they have no choice. the >> a plan to stop flash of localfor hundreds [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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this bipartisan reform
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successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected wspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.e. how angry with you the if crossed over night and had a $100 ticket simply because you have the d.c. license plate? >> and the city has been writing ofusands of those kinds tickets. as pamela explains, scores of students are getting caught up than that. dodge and the last year-and-a- out tensy have handed of tickets to out- vehicles parked in the
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overnight. because they're parked illegally, but because they assumed the owners have moved without registering in getting tags. >> i have gotten at least 5. >> the overnight news partner in northwest lived in virginia and been racking up hundred having tickets for not d.c. tags. >> you want me to come downtown something i didn't do? i don't live here. he has been dealing with the of proving his presidency, they are keeping up on his car. >> i work here but i do not live here, they ticket me anyway. dawson they handed out 82,000 failure to have d.c. tags. while many people just pay the
5:42 pm
ticket, others appeal is. like his georgetown university students. >> i am running out of money. >> 24,000 tickets have been the beginning of last year. 19,000 were dismissed, 78% dismissal rate. city leaders say what you can do is address the issue. leave your out of state you gety as soon as that first warning ticket. is really serious, take this seriously. >> of the city itself is taking it vantage of people. >> ticketing cars parked the only way to people had moved to district register their vehicles properly. they can apply for an exemption every year.renewed
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the bigg up next, s that a boston market is making to help you eat a little healthier. >> leaders are shocked and healthiei'm barack obama and i approve thisssme
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now mitt ry'ney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits."
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an exclusive the investigation, we aired a story on the failure of the city young rehabilitates locking themhout out. >> of big changes are taking root. that is in the newsroom with the details. said they were outraged upon about our and that promised futureoversight in the to right the wrongs of the past. >> i am outraged. use lancaster lent city dollars and orens have been murdered arrested for murder. of the 750 served by the program, just 13 have graduated from high school. many were receiving no services
5:47 pm
at all. what they did get lacked quality. >> hall can't abuse our young money like that, giving to groups that don't perform. >> marion barry says that going council will do more to add accountability to the budget. if the program fails, those in t get paid and it s power everything in it 32 misused funds. they have made some significant changes. by the end of this month, it have assembled an entirely of service providers. the money will no longer go out to a competitive process. leadership, the
5:48 pm
were due inchanges his efforts. he is currently out of the wrote, i am not comfortable were pleased with been handledhas previously. i am encouraged by the changes. he says that mayor vincent gray must take action. >> keep on pushing. >> he says he will continue to hearings until he is pleased that the changes have worked. mayor gray has oversight over was unavailable for comment. with a chainde now restaurants plans to get a little healthier. over the next six months, a sodiummarket will lower by 20% in rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, machen cheese. it is pulling salt shakers of of restaurant tables. it is cutting 15% by 2014.
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and burning the midnight oil to exam of might and of more harm than good. a new study in the journal of d development that found that students that's the a place and the doing worse on tasks. it doesn't mean that teams should study less, but sacrificing sleep might hurt more than it helps. >> studying may not be that high ever priority for students. the list of the top party schools. number one in 2013, west virginia university. the home of our producer here. it is based on student surveys aboute answer questions studying, thet of fraternities and as drug ands well alcohol use. ohio university, by
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all modern. soberpped the stone cold schools. pretty much every year. ugot nu -- you got number three. yay. parents are saying tonight. >> someone that did no partying in college. what is goingt on, what a beautiful evening. at 84 degrees, 79 at winchester. cumberland looking at 77 degrees. the only shower i can find, this shower drifting off towards the east, and eventually county and inorge the southern maryland. much over the next couple hours or so.
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overnight hours and the day , a chance for a few pop showers late in the day, thursday,ough the day day, a bit more humid the mid toatures in upper 80's. will take you through the hours in the early amorrow morning, look for little bit of patchy fog as temperatures fallen to the 60's. temperatures around noon, just degrees warming up nicely for the upcoming weekend. upper 80s are around 90. your home for abc seven a great photo and a really cool daily wonder. >> the nice weather tonight for a game. dodge a great game, hopefully. and an important one. this series could be the most important the franchise ever
5:52 pm
sees. >> i bet it does a beautiful evening got a little rain cloud, but it is supposed to clear up should because this big series. a nationals have a six-game lead the braves, 30 games over 500. even jason is batting 390 and they are backing up those numbers with pretty performances inningst night's extra win. theyullpen gave everything had. espinoza scored the winning run of an error. there are the more mentally thelience club and not aenth inning, but are hanging their hats on. >> it is nice to win any game you can. september 20 instead of august 20, we could have talked about little bit more. it is just a game, we have to
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tonight and try to win another one. >> roger clemens has the upshot new york, boston, a little bit in washington. acquitted of charges about lying to congress. and now the right-candor is trying it again, playing ball with the sugar land skeeters of the independently. he committed to play one game for five and as far as returning the bigs, not so fast. >> i have been to the major leagues and back a couple times. i wouldn't even consider about that far ahead. i have to get through saturday. with to have fun >> a picture you do want to see is stephen strasbourg on the mound. is stephen strasbourg on th[ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billioion dolrs from medicare. why? toy pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation.
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[ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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pool as areflecting but it has been for twonstruction years. >> well water is inside the pool and it is coming down. greta cruises with us tonight on s will be completely back to normal and it sounds --e about there.ust the we are on the world war two memorial end of the reflecting refilling have begun it. they still have a foot to go, but the project is on schedule and on-budget. for two years, we have seen the lincoln memorial reflecting pool chain-link fence. >> not the best site for d.c., getting done. >> i am sure there was enough that needed to be over the years. dodge of their finishing of the facelift.n
5:58 pm
the insecurity enhanced landscaping. and the 90-year-old pool for linking in this thinking been completely redone. the water just sat and but it is now water basin filtered at nearby ande constantly circulating. >> of the water quality will be the environment and huge amounts of baoji. it is a big improvement. >> it is pretty amazing. it is gorgeous. 31, all that was out and upside cand wel be gon reflect by the reflecting pool. this ugly fencing will be down the end of next week.
5:59 pm
it has been closed all these reopened withl be ceremonyation d for is a number 29. >> thank you very much for that. coming up next at 6:00. >> of the 01 men killed in a derailment, what we know may have caused that accident. >> thousands of national's fans trying to get home from the park byer a game are stranded metro. why it could happen again. >> who is making the most money? in the top five richest willkers with names you know. >> live in hd. is abc 7 news t 6:00 on side. >> our top story now


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